February 16, 2013

Our Valentine's Night IN!

This year Sam and I chose to stay at home for Valentine's Day and cook a wonderful, delicious supper together. We love going out to eat, but by the time we set up a babysitter, get ready, go out, eat, spend money and then drive home, sometimes it doesn't feel worth it! We thought it would be fun to be actually doing something together..like cooking! Our menu was: Caesar salad, stuffed mushrooms, sauteed shrimp and of course a nice glass of wine! (I didn't have my camera ready, so these pictures are just off my phone. They do the acutal taste no justice at all, but trust me they taste ten times better than they look!)

So you know those amazing stuffed mushrooms at Red Lobster? These tasted EXACTLY like them.. and it was so easy to put together! These are some of the best appetizers ever!

You need:
2 packages of Baby Portabella Mushrooms
1 package softened Cream Cheese
1 cup REAL Bacon Bits (make sure they are the real kind, they taste so much better!)
8 oz shredded Cheddar Cheese

Rinse the mushrooms and pull the stems out. Chop the stems up, put them and the whole mushrooms in a pan of melted butter to brown them a little. (Don't completely cook them, just a couple minutes on each side to liven them up.)

Mix the cream cheese, bacon bits and cheddar cheese. Add the browned chopped stems to this mixture also. Let the whole mushrooms cool a bit, then stuff them with this mixture.

Pop these babies in a 400 degree over for ten minutes or just until the tops are nice and brown.
Once again, these pictures are nothing compared to the melt in your mouth taste of these! Soooo delicious! They were so quick and easy to throw together. While we were in the kitchen, it just so happened we had perfect timing and both girls took a little nap, so it was like we were on a date anyway! Hope everyone had an amazing Valentine's Day! <3
Follow me to see what other delicious dishes we will come up with! ;)


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